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26 April 2017

At https://phys.org/print412432801.html … we learn that humans were in the Americas 115,000 years earlier than thought. This is roughly during the last interglacial episode. Where was the equator? Mastodon bones found in southern California are the key. Teeth and bones of mastodon appear to have been modified by human hands – code for being whacked with a big stone (known as a hammer stone). Hammer stones were found at the site, it is alleged, and an anvil (code for a much bigger stone on which the bones were propped before giving a good bashing). The paper is in the journal Nature (April 2017). However, there is no sign of human remains at the site – but why should there be. At https://anthropology.net/2017/04/26/incredible-new-evidence-for-peopling… … we are told the site was a forming hunters camp site. However, not only do we have a mastodon but wolves, camels,horses, and gophers. In fact, very little of the mastodon remained (presumably joints were carried away).

   … This link says stone tools were found (presumably the hammer stones) and broken bones including two tusks (can't eat them and the Chinese had not been invented), three teeth, 16 ribs, and 300 fragments of bone. The latter have impact marks, it is alleged.

Over at www.edgarcayce.org/the-readings/ancient-mysteries/ancient-dna-research … which was sent in by Tony. Not sure what date this piece was written but it is a good overview of the genetics situation where everything points to a native American origin in Siberia (or central Asia). This has the merit that during the Ice Age, and in particular during the Late Glacial Maximum, Siberia had an agreeable climate in contrast with the modern day cold weather. The origin is supported by mtDNA analysis – but there are some rogue elements which appear to have links to SE Asia and E Asia (including Japan and the Jomon people). The idea of The Readings appears to be to confirm the Edgar Cayce prophecies – and there is also a good post on Atlantis. This is where the native Americans come in I suppose as the inhabitants of Atlantis, it is reputed, were dispersed.

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