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Dinosaur Demise

16 May 2017

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2017/05/16/dinosaur-asteroid-hit-worst-p… … which is on the recent BBC2 documentary, 'The Day the Dinosaurs Died' (see post yesterday). One of the points made is that gypsum on the bed of the shallow sea was hoisted into the atmosphere – adding to the density of material that accumulated there. The point was also made that if it had hit the deep ocean its effects would have been muted and would have been nowhere near as catastrophic to life on Earth. One of the commenters is still in denial and strongly opposed to an asteroid strike, describing it as a made up dramatic story. Interesting to see this in print – on several occasions. He even produced a geochronological chart to show that life on earth evolved without catastrophism, an ongoing slow process. One can expect a lot of resistance such as this – and the original Alvarez theory from 20 plus years ago has received its fair share of criticism. One can look at that geochronological chart and look at it with completely different eyes to the commenter – as a series of catastrophes. Has he not heard of punctuated evolution? How much evidence does he require?


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