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9 July 2017

Laurence Dixon sent in details of a Royal Society paper by GG Nyambuya of the Dept of Physcis at Bulawayo University. He begins by saying 100+ years ago Alfred Wegener claimed Eareth's continental plates receded from each other over the course of Earth's history – the theory of continental drift. He also said they were stilll in a state of motion relative to one another. In order to explain this Wegener came up with the possibility the earth must be expanding. In reality, he had no adequate explanation as to why the plates were moving apart or the energy source responsible. The prevailing view at the time was that Earth was a rigid body and his theory was dismissed as psuedo science. Nowadays, of course, the plates are thought to move, all the time (but on a rigin body), the Plate Tectonics theory. The expanding earth model is still dismissed as fringe science with the main point still being an energy source is required to power expansion. In this paper he argues that over the last 2700 years the length of Earth's day has undergone a small change that leads to the plausibility the Earth may very well be expanding radially at a paltry rate of 0.60mm a year. Does that mean the expanding earth model can be removed from pseudo to plausible science?

The Open Source paper is at http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/ijaa.2014.41021

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