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Bretz and Younger Dryas

23 July 2017

Graham Hancock has somehow contrived to associate J Harlen Bretz and the megaflood with the Younger Dryas Boundary Event. He is a former journalist and I suppose sleight of hand is a tool of the trade. He presents his ideas in a non-science language that some people find attractive. His books have sold a lot of copies. However, one cannot take away the fact that he has researched his chosen subjects well – and his grasp of the Younger Dryas research papers is certainly impressive enough to cause Bill Napier to congratulate him and criticise his mainstream opponent in a video freely available to watch. Go to http://cosmictusk.com/hancock-younger-dryas-impact-hypothesis-since-2007/ … which is part of a bigger video (the link is provided). George Howard chose to omit the J Harlen Bretz part of the video as the Scablands may well have been carved out before the Younger Dryas event (which is his particular interest). The full video is also a long one which may have been another reason for omitting half of it. See also earlier post on Graham Hancock and his adversary Richard Shermer in a post on the News a couple of weeks ago – see http://cosmictusk.com/open-letter-napier-joe-rogan-podcast/ …  See also http://cometresearchgroup.org/scientists–members/ … which is supported by 63 scientists in 55 universities in 16 different countries, all collaborating on the Comet Research Group. This group of astrophysicists, geophysicists, geologists and astronomers can hardly be placed on the lunatic fringe – as were people attracted by the ideas of Velikovsky in 'Worlds in Collision' and 'Earth in Upheaval' back in the 1960s. Ideas that challenge consensus paradigms, Hancock says, do not get official funding – in any field (and not just in climate science). The Younger Dryas research has consistently been of a very high standard with remarkable results and the uniformitarian establishment has been unable to prevent publication in journals such as PNAS, Journal of Geology., Quaternary International, and Nature Scientific Reports. Hancock said the first article to catch his eye was in New Scientist – with the title, 'Did a Comet Wipe Out Prehistoric Americans' – adding that at the time he was taking a break from his research into lost civilisations.

And so on …

(Hancock also mentions Fred Hoyle and 'The Origin of the Universe and the Origin of Religion' (1993). Further, see the blog at www.cometresearchgroup.org which has an update on the Tall al-Hammam excavation in Jordan, thought by the excavators to be Biblical Sodom (which was destroyed by fire out of the sky).

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