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23 July 2017
Climate change

At www.sepp.org … a roundup of climate change issues is published weekly – but from a sceptical point of view. You can get it delivered weekly to your inbox tray but a word of warning – it is a lengthy read and you could well end up deleting it unread on most weeks as you may well have better things to do with your spare time. As it was raining today I took the opportunity to browse some of it, The Week That Was July 22nd 2017. It begins with a quote by HH Lamb in which he is reported as saying it was important to establish the facts of past natural changes in climate prior to looking at the effects that human activities may contribute to the climate system. This is followed by a video on toxicology by Edward Calabrese and the use of the Linear No Dose Threshold model favoured by environmentalists, particularly relevant to pharmacueticals and medicine – and environmental pollution, the use of which has been contradicted by the Dose Response model (ie small doses of radiation may be beneficial, as  might low doses of aspirin, or anything being investigated) but the No Dose model totally rejects such an outcome. Indeed, sometimes their experiments might include huge doses of whatever is being investigated which naturally shows up a bad result. This is particularly relevant when dealing with pesticides, diesel fumes, additives, and medical dosage etc. 

The second piece is on sea level rise – which is supposed to be accelerating. It seems that sea levels have risen on average over the last 3000 years by 7 to 8 inches a century, suggesting a natural variation rate (for a yet to be determined cause but probably as a result of the production and use of water by humans, or by water accretion from space). It then takes the IPCC AR5 report to task for claiming that since the 1950s sea level rise has been unprecedented and accuses the IPCC of manipulating the data.

And so ….

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