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17 September 2017

At www.planetamnesia.com/mankind-in-amnesia-eu-2017-talk-by-andrew-fitts/ … begins by saying, those of use who followed the work of Velikovsky know that as a Freudian psychoanalyst he had a life long interest in a curious human pathology – what was originally called collective amnesia. In 1974 this morphed into cultural amnesia – 'Recollections of a Fallen Sky: Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia'. At this conference Irving Wolfe presented a paper, 'Shakespeare and Velikovsky: Catastrophic theory and the springs of art' which featured somewhat later in talks he gave to the SIS and in at least one paper published in SIS Review. Velikovsky, at the same conference, had a paper with the title, 'Cultural Amnesia: the submergence of terrifying events in the racial memory and their later emergence'. He said, 'the inability to accept the catastrophic past is the source of man's aggression …'. 

Andrew Fitts talk goes on to explore human behaviour such as blood sacrifice, theatre, mythic story telling, even athletics and the plastic arts (sculpture and painting etc). Rituals still being performed today seem to have an origin in past catastrophic events. The article is 8 pages long.

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