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21 September 2017

At http://spaceweather.com September 21st 2017 we learn that NASA OSIRIS REx spacecraft is due to fly past Earth on the 22nd, sling shotting itself towards a potentially hazardous asteroid, Bennu. NASA is visiting Bennu … before it visits us. Bennu crosses Earth's path once every 6 years. In 2135 it may enter a keyhole between the Earth and the Moon. This may cause gravitational pull, it is feared, enough to tweak the orbit of Bennu in an earth colliding manner. The spacecraft will arrive at the asteroid in 2018.

At https://phys.org/print425104808.html … a possible explanation for the galaxy's cosmic radiation. Cassiopeia A is a supernove event, the product of a giant explosion just 350 years ago. Its emitted radiation spans radio through high energy gamma rays (it was first detected by radio observation 50 years ago). Is it the source of the cosmic rays that fill our galaxy?

This subject is opportune as Rupert Holms will address the SIS speaker meeting on October 7th on the subject of a supernova remnant that may have caused problems in our solar system in the past.

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