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Hawaii coral reef

30 September 2017

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/09/28/catastrophic-sea-level-rise-in-th… … did rapid sea level change drown fossil coral reefs around Hawaii? Recent discoveries suggest there have been episodes of very rapid sea level rise as a result of ice sheet collapse at the end of the Ice Age. This change in sea level was associated with the drowning of coral reefs in Hawaii. Rather, the evidence suggests that contemporary with the end of the Ice Age, and other significant dates, there has also been a remarkable rise in sea level at Hawaii – way out in the Pacific and on the opposite side of the globe from the melting ice sheets in NE America and NW Europe. The big question we may ponder – is this due to melting ice sheets alone or were other factors in play. For example, if there was a change in the position of the North Pole one would expect changing sea levels as the geoid settled down in a new position, a realignment of ocean levels and extent. This factor is not part of the study published in Quaternary Science Reviews and is in fact ignored as a possibility by all concerned – but there is nothing in the study to contradict the idea either. What is targeted as the cause is the collapse of the ice sheet – but why ice sheets collapse, particularly at the end of the Late Glacial Maximum, is a moot point yet to be resolved satisfactorily (unless of course you are besotted by the consensus view). This kind of inward thinking is exemplified in the comments to the link at Watts Up as all they can see is global warming (which they are opposed to) being the primary carry-out from reading the article (although there is ample evidence some of them did not read anything further than the end of their nose). The study authors do of course refer to CAGW but this is necessary in order to get published, on the one hand, and is also the only rational explanation for rapid sea level change allowed by the uniformitarian model. Shifts of the pole are excluded and regarded as whacky science promulgated by whacky people. Hence, we have the idea of a meltwater pulse as responsible for drowning a coral reef many metres deep in the North Pacific – without explaining why the ocean circulation system went into reverse in order to get all that water out of the North Atlantic, the Caribbean basin and the Mediterranean, out into the Pacific. It is possible that meltwater contributed to sea level rise at the end of the Late Glacial Maximum, and for an extended period, some 500 years are offered as the period, a relatively short time in geological terms, but could it have added all the necessary depth of water required to drown this coral reef? The Pacific is a huge ocean basin. All we can do is duly note none of the evidence produced, from bathyometry data, contradicts the possibility the poles may have re-positioned from a pole somewhere off the NW of Greenland to the present position of the pole, which is preserved in Greenland ice cores as a sharp uptick in temperature, some 10 degrees celsius.

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