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Juno Mission

30 September 2017

At https://cycliccatastrophism.org/2017/09/28/juno-jupiter-news/ … I don't know anything about this web site although I notice they support the Velikovskian idea of errant planets – Mars, Venus, and Mercury. They quote from a press release concerning a new paper on initial findings of the Juno mission – which is an interesting admission by scientists that Jupiter does not conform to the consensus theories as predicted over many years by astronomers. One would need to go back to source to get a full picture much the same as anything reported on News at the SIS web site. The idea of a concentrated core at the centre of a gas giant is now being tested by the Juno Mission – and contradictory information is filtering out. For instance, the well known auroral halo arching over Jupiter was thought to be influenced from top downwards but it seems streams of electrons are moving upwards from the polar regions. Is this the origin of the strong UV emissions?

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