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Worse then Ponzi

12 October 2017
Climate change

Move over Ponzi – forget about Bernard Madoff. Ignore the Enron scam, and sniff at mortgage debt leading to bank collapse, one Judith Sloan thinks the Renewables Energy schemes adopted by politicos in Australia and Europe are worse than all of them – go to http://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/10/09/aussie-revolution-mounting-high-le…

We have had Australian former premier, Tony Abbot, speaking to the GWPF a few days ago, predictably reported in a negative fashion by the usual crew and their billionaire renewable backers, aided and abetted by the CAGW bleaters in general, in a sort of comedy sketch of all the right people gurgling from the depths of their stomach instead of their heads. For example, Ed Milliband, the architect (with his brother) of the Climate Change Act, which was passed by the UK Parliament with one of the biggest majorities of any bill ever – going to show that your average parliamentarian is not very bright. Then we had The Guardian with three articles in the same issue criticising Abbot without actually saying what they objected to in his talk. Are the CAGW crowd getting rattled. The gravy train is in danger of coming off the rails so expect big money pushed into proganda to keep it on track. Lots of trillions are at stake. The protest community (shy of work but keen to make a political point) are probably also a trifle worried – although nobody is out there defending fracking as yet. Their lifestyle might have to change – they may even have to get a job. Oh, the austerity of it all. You can bet your life they will be upping the hollers even louder in an attempt to obfuscate the facts. The little people are getting wiser by the day – or we might hope so. When will the politicos get onboard with Joe Public and scrap the Climate Change Act. It is long overdue. Perhaps they are embarrassed they signed the thing into legislation in the first place. Do we have to wait for the current generation of politicos to inhabit their coffins before common sense is restored?

To add to the amusement see also https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/10/13/al-gore-is-over-the-top-now-even-… … which is a parody on the manoevres at the climate change coal face (so to speak).

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