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Men in Black

23 December 2017
Inside science

The former head of a secret US government programme set up to investigate UFO sightings has told the media that extraterrestrial life may exist – as some UFOs defy explanation. See for example www.space.com/39169-aliens-may-exist–pentagon-ufo-program-chief.html … and www.space.com/39171-mysterious-ufo-sightings.html … We may not be alone he said as a lot of strange aircraft (or flying objects) have displayed characteristics not currently within the US military (nor that of any other earth based society). He resigned his position in October 2017 as he thought the government were not paying enough attention to UFOs. He has since set up his own venture with two former colleagues, 'To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science' which intends to investigate 'exotic science and technologies' – or that is the aim. 'To the Stars' will also examine science that is 'suffocated by mainstream ideology and bureaucratic constraint' – a noble objective.

See also www.livescience.com/61221-secret-government-ufo-program.html … Under a Pentagon programme aerospace experts investigated and described sightings and video recordings of mysterious objects that defied an easy explanation. Closely involved in setting up the program was a Democratic senator from Nevada, a former Senate majority leader. He became interested in UFOs for a number of reasons but after a conversation with astronaut John Glenn and billionaire Robert Bigelow, whose company went on to conduct much of the research, he got the program going. UFO sightings have been investigated by various government agencies over the years, since the 1940s. In 2016 the CIA released a number of classified documents on UFOs and it is clear that many UFO sightings have a rational expanation, being earth bound phenomena such as weather balloons, flares, and rockets. There is also a core to them that remain puzzling. Mind you, they used to say something like that about crop circles, conceding that a lot of them were fakes constructed by humans but claiming, at the same time, some of them remained mysterious. Is this another case of gobbledegook – nothing to see here but we'll keep the wrappers on the ones that don't fit.

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