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Virgin Weather Station

20 January 2018
Climate change

A German blog reports that in Germany there is one weather station that is intact and unchanged for 138 years. It has never been moved nor has it been corrupted by the urban heat island effect. Moreover, it has consistenly used the same instrumentation and computation method over that 138 years. This weather station is at the St Stephens Abbey in Augsburg – NW of Munich. Veteran German meteorologist Klaus Hager says there has been considerable temperature fluctuations from year to year – because nature is constantly changing, year to year. January 2017 was the seventh coldest in that record – since 1879. January of 2018 has not yet finished. Most importantly, in spite of the rise in co2 levels in the air there has been no corresponding rise in temperature. Go to http://notrickszone.com/2018/-1/19/rare-weather-station-unchanged-over-1…

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