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Cosmic and Comet Dust

24 January 2018

Is the origin of Life just cosmic dust in the wind? Carl Sagan famously siad 'we are made of star stuff …' and perhaps we are. See https://phys.org/print435920203.html … A new study proposes Life on Earth started from particles flyings as dust from outer space. As such, a 105kg of space dust reaches Earth every day – apparently. More interestingly, small particles in the earth's atmosphere could be picked up by the these streams of space dust and transported across the universe to seed far away planets. Queenie Chan of the Open University in Milton Keynes says it is not as simple as that as the space dust has to contend with ionising radiation and other problems as it travels through space. I am assuming this is a reference that includes plasma – under the umbrella term of ionised radiation. Queenie Chan has found liquid water, hydrocarbons and amino acids within meteorites. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins – and carbon is present in virtually all living organisms. The meteorites also contained salt crystals which host various organic compounds. At the end of the piece is a link to the full article at https://particle.scitech.org.au/space/origin-life-just-cosmic-dust-wind/ 

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