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Geothermal Greenland

26 January 2018
Climate change

Pierre Gosselin provides a guest post by Kenneth Richards which has some interesting information – especially if you've visited hot springs in Canada, a very cold part of the world. Well, Greenland is a lot colder than most of Canada and it too has geothermal hot springs – right under the glaciated region. Go to http://notrickszone.com/2018/01/24/groundbreaking-agw-undermining-study-… … and well I never. The furore over Greenland ice melting from underneath has nothing to do with CAGW or co2 but is all down to geothermal hot springs bubbling away beneath the ice. Several thousand of them according to the report – all courtesy of a team of geologists in a paper published in Nature Geoscience a few years ago. They reckoned large parts of the north central region of the Greenland ice sheet was melting from below. Further investigation by glaciologists has led to a new paper (published in Science Reports January 2018) and they confirm that ice is melting from under the ice but say that hot vents (or hot springs in common parlance) of geothermal heated water is to blame – and this adequately explains localised temperatures and ice melt. CAGW undermined once again – by actual science.

   …   (image of steam vent in ice sheet)

Over at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/01/25/2017-was-warm-the-next-few-years-… … even if the last few years have been warm it is the next few years that are important as the influence of the El Nino has now entirely subsided. This is a guest post by the author of the Fabius Maximus web site, Larry Kummer. The world has been warming for 200 years – since the end of the Little Ice Age. Temperatures have gone up in increments – or steps. Each warm period has raised the steps – but once La Ninas become dominant each step (or pause) will be cooler. Lots of graphs and speculation to chew on.

At http://dailycaller.com/2018/01/24/macron-davos-france-global-warming/ … Macron is in the grasp of big business – the guys who push the CAGW meme in order to get even richer. At Davos he was sermonising to his choice audience – the men with deep pockets. His desire, it would seem, is to replace the US as the King of CAGW – pushing the boat out without looking at what was behind his trouser leg. It turns out reality is a bitch as France is unable to meet its own global warming target – yet he wants to berate the rest of the world. See also https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2018/01/25/macron-lectures-on-global-war… … Macron lectures a Davos audience as France misses climate target. Big on words and little on substance. Meanwhile, the Germans are just as bad – energiewinde is a disaster waiting to strike. See https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2018/01/25/green-flop-germany-is-missing… … Germany is also missing its climate targets – big time. These are the targets used as a beacon for the rest of the world to emulate. Sad but true – abject failure. You could hardly make it up if you had wanted to. Meanwhile, Sir John Beddington, former chief scientific advisor to the British government, has been having second thoughts it would seem as he is now on record lifting the lid on the scandal at the heart of the EUs renewable policies. This concerns bioenergy – used to reach environmentalist climate targets foisted on the EU by activist lobbying (greased by the renewables and globalist gang). Well, according to the warped thinking of the Green lobby cutting down forests in N America and shipping them to Europe as wood chips to fire power stations actually causes more co2 to escape into the atmosphere than burning coal. Ho hum – that ignores the opportunity to make a pot load of money by kicking Big Coal out of the equation. Silly man – but was he ever thus. Go to www.nationalreview.com/article/455628/europe-bogus-clean-energy-schemes-…

Having said all that are you standing by your  bed waiting to be knocked down by a feather. At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/01/24/todays-food-is-a-modern-agricultu… … is another guest post at Anthony's blog – this time it asks why with the success of modern food production in feeding the world is it under attack. Do the CAGW faithful want to create global famines? Farms and farming are under constant bombardment that criticise their methods and work ethic. We want organic – let the rest of the world starve (appears to be the preferred option). 

   … between 1961 and 2013 world population doubled but agricultural output tripled. Is that a bad thing?

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