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Black Hole Gas Outflow

23 February 2018

Black Holes continue to make waves it would seem. At https://phys.org/print438421789.html … a Taiwanese astronomer, Yashiki Toba, and his team, have established that ionised gas outflow driven by a super massive black hole does not necessarily affect its host galaxy – impacting on the molecular gases in the galactic disc.

At https://phys.org/print438361895.html … pulsating aurorae mystery uncovered by NASAs THEMIS mission (three satellites studying the Magnetosphere). Auroral pulses in diffuse colours – usually green, purple and red. These are not the shimmering veils of auroral display as pulsating aurorae are dimmer and less common. The usual aurorae appear as solar event particles trickle through the magnetosphere where they sit until  a substorm is able to release the energy. The electrons are then sent downwards into the upper atmosphere and collide with other particles to produce the glow effect. The pulsating aurorae have a different cause as a result of plasma waves. These disturb the electrons and some are sent cascading through the magnetosphere and shower towards the earth's surface. Basically, doing the same thing but in a different kind of way.

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