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Magnetic field decay

10 March 2018

Robert sent in this link … https://crev.info/2018/03/earth-magnetic-field-still-decaying/ … Robert suspects that instead of a young earth scenario the Earth's orbit may have recently changed – or the heliosphere. Either one or the other or a combination of both. He suggests Earth has yet to regain electricl equilibrium.

The article says the strength of the Earth's magnetic field was first measured 183 years ago, by Gauss. Early measurements showed the field was 5 per cent stronger than it is now. Extrapolating backwards, a stronger field would have made the Earth uninhabitable tens of thousands of years ago. Therefore, the logic says, the Earth must be younger. Equally, why anyone would think the Earth was just 6000 years of age as a result of cabbalistic magic numbers,, is difficult to get ones head around. These people do however point out oddities that no one else feels free to air.

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