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Electro Blobs

12 March 2018

William sent in this link – www.space.com/39942-africa-blob-earth-magnetic-flip.html … via www.yahoo.com/news/m/3c650b63-eaf4-3a81-98b7-774fdfd5725b/ss_an-electro-… … an electro magnetic blob under Africa may be telling us a flip in the magnetic field is brewing. New research using clays vessels used in cleansing rituals by Iron Age farmers shows that over the last 1500 years an electromagnetic anomaly has waxed and waned. Think about that. The anomaly has come and gone – a bit like we have had irregular breaches of the Earth's magnetic field by stronge solar flares. Instead, what we get is the line that Africa is a magnetic hot spot and the clay vessels are warning us the magnetic fields are about to reverse. Admittedly, this is just a press release by Southampton University (and not necessarily what is actually said by the scientists) but it does make you wonder a bit.

We are then told the Earth's magnetic field is weakening – when the actual evidence is that it fluctuates. Why do they say that? Seems to revolve around the idea there is a churning liquid iron core at the centre of the Earth and the rotation of that is what creates the magnetic field in the first instance. Are the alarmists searching for a new noble cause? They say the magnetic field protects the surface of the Earth from deadly cosmic radiation – which is true (but not totally true as a few days ago a crack in the magnetic field opened up and allowed a burst of solar wind to enter the atmosphere). Are the alarmists trying to frighten the wits out of impressionable minds? We are told the magnetic field is weakening – and scientists don't know why. I don't doubt they don't know why but the problem is that we only have records going back a few years. It sounds a bit like when they discovered the ozone hole. Suddenly it was all doom and gloom and we were all going to fry. Nowadays we know the ozone layer moves – swishing about in the atmosphere, especially around the poles. Why doesn't the magnetic field behave in a similar fashion?

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