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18 March 2018

Extrapolating seems to be the name of the game nowadays – and was probably ever thus. The whole gist of the climate alarm is based on models that extrapolate trends in the 1990s – an uptick in warming. The fact such trends do not continue to trend is by the way – studiously ignored. Reputations have been hung on such trends continuing – and by damn they will be seen to continue to go up (by what ever means is necessary to make that so). We have another example of extrapolation at https://www.sciencenews.org/article/ancient-climate-shifts-may-have-spar… … at around 320,000 years ago homo sapiens in East Africa had shifted from making large chopping tools to fashioning smaller spear points and other small stone tools easy to fit within the palm of the hand. Dramatic shifts in climate may have triggered the change – and the development of trading networks. On the other hand climate change may have caused migration – and the arrival of new peoples entering the area of East Africa under study (Kenya's Olorgesaillie Basin).

See also www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/site-of-huge-iron-age-feast-celebration-found… … for another example of extrapolating ideas backwards into the past. An Iron Age expert is quite certain he knows what was going on a couple of thousand years ago – but does he? Is he simply repeating what he has read about what happened at other sites – at Stonehenge for example.

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