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Dinosaur Footprints

19 March 2018

At https://cosmosmagazine.com/palaeontology/australia-s-jurassic-park-leave… … at Walmadany in Western Australia there are dinosaur footprints – in their hundreds. They are preserved in the Kimberley sandstone. They have also been known to the local Goolarabooloo people for generations, regarding them as bird like tracks (giant birds). Not only are there footprints but impression of cycad plants. These are said to be the tail feathers of Marala, a being in Goralabooloo creation mythology, likened to an enormous emu. They believe Marala passed into the sky and settled in the Milky Way – the dark spaces between the stars.

   …  the tracks go out half a kilometre from shore and many of them are only exposed when the tide retreats …

    … so far 21 different dinosaur tracks have been identified (and they have hardly started). These include the sauropods (herbivores), carivorous theropods, bipedal ornithopods (herbivores) and thyreaphoran dinosaurs, animals ranging from the size of emus up to the big bus sized things …

         … the footprints span a 100km of coastline.

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