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Triassic Reptiles

30 March 2018

At https://phys.org/print441438532.html … fossil crocodiles from the Cretaceous – how did they live and die. Uniformitarian fossilisation and how the process works. Juvenile and adult crocodile fossils in a Queensland deposit – found near the Outback town of Isisford (published by the Royal Society Open Science journal). Two of the crocodiles had a large proportion of their bones still intact – indicating they died near where they lived. We mighlt also add – indicating rapid fossilisation too.

At https://phys.org/print441422126.html … which is about fossils from the Triassic also. See the Society of Vertebrae Paleontology (online publication) March 28th. Some 13 research papersn on neew fossils from the Triassic – particularly from Africa. The Permian/Triassic boundary event affected a lot of ocean life – and their remains were swept across continents. In Africa this is known mostly from South Africa's Karoo Basin but since 2007 other locales such as the Ruhuhu Basin in Tanzania and Luangwa in Zambia have been recorded. The same fossil creatures appear throughout southern Africa as well as Antarctica (including Namibia in SW Africa).

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