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Life on Venus

3 April 2018

Gary sent in this link – http://time.com/5224561/venus-life-atmosphere-bacteria/ … the temperatures on Venus surface is reputed to be as high as 465 degrees C – which is hot enough to melt lead. In the atmosphere the heat gets less the higher one goes (according to the theory). Most organisms could not survive on the surface of Venus (so it would seem). However, a study published in the journal Astrobiology suggests Venus may  harbour vast colonies of bacteria (in its atmosphere). Shades of Velikovsky and vermin out of the sky. Airborne life on |Venus, it seems, is not a new idea (apart from Velikovsky). It is speculated that Venus may once have had water which boiled off into the clouds (its atmosphere in other words). Venusian bacteria, early life forms, may have ended up high in its atmosphere. Bacteria on Earth have been found as high as 25 miles altitude, swpet aloft by winds and surviving in the wet conditions of water vapour. Did bacterial life on Venus do the same? The authors of the study even argue that dark patches seen in the atmosphere of Venus – which change shape and size and position over time, are actually bacterial in nature. These atmospheric blooms are compared to algae blooms in the oceans of the Earth. Nice idea but has it any legs.

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