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United Monarchy

3 May 2018
Ancient history

At https://phys.org/444413501.hhtml … new evidence pointing to the existence of the kingdom of David and Solomon has been uncovered – so it is said. It is published in the journal Radiocarbon so I suppose it is relying on C14 dating methodology. An archaeological site in the Shephalah region has unearthed a four room building on the summit of the tell which is said to have been destroyed in the 8th century – which they are attributing to the Assyrian invasions of the southern Levant. At the same time a foundation deposit in the building has come up with an 11th or 10th century date (again, C14 derived). Presumably this involves Iron Age I and the mainstream location of that period in the 11th to 9th centuries. As Iron Age 1 corresponds with the Greek and Anatolian dark ages one may take the news with a certain amount of scepticism – if one must. The building would have been visible over a distance – but does that mean it was something other than a house. Did it have a religious function – or was it administrative in nature. The inference is that a connection with David and Solomon's united kingdom exists – but this is solely based on conjecture. It may have. It may not.

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