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Velikovsky Tribute

13 May 2018

This tribute to 'Worlds in Collision' comes from a UFO web site. However, it was inspired by a recent headline, in April, that a wandering binary star sideswiped the solar system 70,000 years ago and knocked dozens of comets and asteroids into orbits contrary to mainstream thinking. David Halperin says, being of that generation his mind went back to 'Worlds in Collision' – go to www.davidhalperin.net/immanuel-velikovsky-worlds-in-collision-68-years-l…

Mr Halperin does manage to say some interesting words about Velikovsky, saying in a nutshell he was not the pseudo science nut he has been portrayed as (and gives an overview of his career as a scholar and doctor). Some 60 plus years later mainstream scientists have come up with worlds in collision galore – not just in the universe but in our solar system. The latest claims are merely one in a succession of worlds in collision stories. Halperin also illustrates where Velikovsky may have gone astray – suggesting planets such as Mars and Venus once had different orbits. Velikovsky did of course think the catastrophic events had an origin in a comet – but he was hampered by the mainstream view at that time that comets were harmless, fluffy bundles of ice and gas. In other words, he was directly influenced by mainstream ideas, but in jumping to the conclusion mainstream was right about comets he went on to invoke the planet Venus instead.

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