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Ozone munching chemicals

17 May 2018

At https://phys.org/print445696943.html … envrionmentalists, a somewhat blanket term but in this instance meaning CAGW enthusiasts with an agenda, still persist in the belief CFCs are destroying the ozone layer in spite of numerous studies that say it is the solar wind that disperses ozone in the upper atmosphere, are at it again – but in this instance they may be slapping themselves in the face. Apparently, they've discovered the Chinese, or a close neighbour of them, is disregarding the UN ban on the production of CFCs (that the environmentalists claim has healed the ozone hole). It is likely the Chinese (or their neighbour as this is not directly accusatory in the direction of the world's biggest manufacturing country), have not stopped producing CFCs as at one time they were making them in order to destroy them and claim compensation for the odd scheme set up by the UN. In effect, we can safely say that this study virtually proves CFCs have no effect on the atmosphere as the healing of the ozone hole (or a redistribution of the ozone in the atmosphere as a result of a quiet Sun) has occurred whilst CFCs have still been produced in big enough numbers for these nosey parkers to monitor. The article itself is in Nature journal (see www.nature.com/articles/s41586-018-0106-2). The same lobby group were bragging a few months ago that banning CFCs had worked as the ozone hole had diminished considerably, again ignoring the fact it comes and goes depending on the severity of coronal mass injections impacting on the ionosphere. Seems like they were spouting piffle if the Chinese had all along still continued to manufacture CFCs. Of course, the media will ignore the hypocrisy just as they have continued to ignore the link with the solar wind.

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