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Black Holes a Bit Stringy

29 July 2018

Like a runner bean left on the vine too long black holes are getting a bit stringy – go to https://phys.org/print451826969.html … black holes are really balls of string – or is it fluff. Black holes are NOT surrounded by a burning ring of fire after all, we are told, but are much more complex. Samir Mathur in the Journal of High Energy Physics invokes Stephen Hawkins and String Theory. What we might take from this is that the preferred version of black hole dynamics is a bit shaky – even in the eyes of fellow theorists. It just goes to show that a bit of competition produces holes in any kind of  theory – not necessary black holes of course but just holes that are normally passed over as they may cast doubt on the preferred explanation. When both sides become honest and say it is all theory rather than hoodwinking the public into accepting it as reality we might all be able to appreciate where they are coming from. The interesting point however is why are some theories ignored – and rarely see the light of day (but others get all the light shining on them). Surely, there is not a physics clique out there directing everyone in a preferred direction, much like climate scientists have at their heart a pulsing CAGW mantra that is determined to exclude and rule out any other explanation. Surely not.

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