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CAGW data riddled with errors

7 October 2018
Climate change

Not much to say about this one as it will be ignored by the great and the good, our masters. At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/10/07/bombshell-audit-of-global-warming… … John McLean, PhD, has produced a detailed audit that shows surface temperature datas is unfit for purpose (in the words of Anthony). This mostly concerns HadCRUT4 data sets from the Univeristy of East Anglia climate centre in Norwich. This report supports some of the sceptic arguments from over the years on data manipulation. In this report it is not so much tampering that is the issue but sloppy science and worse than useless data compilation. The cost of the report is just $8 dollars as the author wishes to reimburse himself for the expenses accrued in compiling the report over the last couple of years (and publishing it of course). The price is a snippet – much less than the price of a book for example. See also the Australian web site of Joanna Nova.

The audit contains over 70 areas of concern about data quality and accuracy – a pretty damning indictment on what is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of climate science proof. Unfortunately, mainstream has a way to neutralise bad publicity – by ignoring it. Don't expect to read a summary of the report in your breakfast newspaper or on the airwaves. It will be repressed. Completely. What is interesting is that the report was based on a thesis for his PhD which was awarded in December of 2017 by James Cook University (the notorious institution that sacked one its professors for saying the Great Barrier Reef was thriving when the CAGW alarmists insisted the opposite was happening). A more nuanced response would have been to conduct some field research (like the said professor) – but the gravy train is so polished and the tracks so smooth and inviting the university could not contemplate a derailment on their part. Big money is like oil- you can grease almost anything with it. 

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