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Cosmological Lithium Problem

12 October 2018

Apparently, there is a cosmological lithium problem – see https://phys.org/print458379012.html …. and it is one of the unresolved issues of the Big Bang theory. Nuclear reactions responsible fro the creation and destruction of atomic nuclei during Big Bang are crucial in determining the primordial abundance of lithium, the third chemical element formed during the very early phase of the universe. The standard model predicts an abundance of lithium – four times the amount that has actually been observed.

At https://phys.org/print458372926.html … what is the threat posed by centaur objects? Researchers suggest an orbital evolution towards the inner solar system could be catastrophic for life on Earth

At https://phys.org/print458374082.html … Australian researchers have doubled the number of fast radio bursts detected. These are powerful flashes of radio noise from deep space.

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