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16 November 2018
Climate change

So much of CAGW hype is hot air and pointless waffle. The idea we are going to switch to electric cars is one of the biggest of the lot. Any so called boom in electric car use is fantasy as it would require more cobalt than is currently available. Cobalt is essential for the production of lithium ion batteries. If there was a claimed uptick in demand and then market forces would come into operation and the price of the limited cobalt would rocket. The uptick is projected to occur as early as 2020 so we don't have long to wait – and that is without the rare earth minerals. See https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2018/11/13/cobalt-a-potential-bottleneck…

Gary sent in a link to https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6388557/Polar-bears-thre… … a Canadian federal government report claims Inuit populations in the north of the currently are threatened by increasing polar bear numbers. Unfortunately the CAGW crowd won't have any of it as they believe, by an article of faith, that polar bears are declining in numbers. Eventualy, the Inuit will have to decide what comes first – kowtowing to the enviros or protecting their children. The CAGW people have already decided their children come second to the polar bears – but will the Inuit continue to be good citizens and follow the mantra. I suppose it all depends on if they are as faithful to their smart phones as the people in the big cities in the south of the country. Even virtue signallers might have second thoughts if a big poley bear comes up behind them when they have their phone glued to their ear. 

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