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Cranial modification

29 November 2018

At http://www.godkingscenario.com/blog/did-the-bizarre-practice-of-artifici… … did the bizarre practice of cranial deformation derive from observations of an elongated celestial body. Artificial cranial modification, head flattening and head binding, leads to some peculiar shapes of the skull …

                                                              …  the skulls of humans are deformed intentionally (in order to produce various shapes from round to elongated etc.). The Maya and the Inca for instance, and various African peoples. They becaome f marker to denote a member of an elite clan, and in some cases, over time, they have become a beautifying measure (on the basis beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Gary suggests the Moon might have been seen as an egg shaped body – and its worth noting that many stone circles also have an oval shape when plotted on the ground. These were thought by Alexander Thom to have a lunar calendrical role – and many archaeologists assume the egg shape is due to bad geometry on the part of the stone circle builders. It is worth mentioning that many comets and asteroids also have an oval shape – but we should assume it was what culd be seen in the sky that was elongated (not necessarily the shape of a comet nucleus but perhaps the bowl of light that could be seen from a position on the surface of the Earth). In that respect that opens a lot of alternatives.


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