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Dong Choi

29 November 2018

New Concepts in Global Tectonics journal (of September 2018, volume 6, number 3). See http://ievpc.org/ncgt-journal.html and http://ievpc.org/journals.html… and straightaway we learn the editor is dead. Dr Dong Choi suffered heart failure and Louis Hissink has replaced him. He begins, editorial policy will remain the same, as before … etc. The journal will continue its policy of political incorrect news, since all scientific theories are provisional and subject to change when new data or observation occurs, rednering the previous scientific explanation obsolete. There are no axioms in science, and when they do appear, then science becomes religion and is divided into competing sects.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if climate science took that view. Louis was editor of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists News for seven years. He says the debate between Plate Tectonics and its alternatives remain as acrimonous as ever with no side yielding. It is blindingly obvious that the Atlantic Ocean is the result of the Americas moving away from Europe and Africa but nobody has found the necessary physical force to achieve the separation. He intends to reprint a book by an Hungarian electrical engineer, Michael Csuzdi – 'The Electric Earth'.  It might lead to new insights to tectonics, he says, as his interpretation of MOHO is particularly interesting (as an explanation for continental drift).

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