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Flowering Plants

21 December 2018

At https://phys.org/print464353666.html … fossils now indicate flowering plants originated 50m million years earler that thought by consensus science – back in the Early Jurassic era. Researchers were not certain when or how flowers came into existence because it seemed many flowering plants just popped up in the Cretaceous – out of nowhere. Of course, the Jurassic Cretaceous switch must involve an event of some kind – and that is what the geology is telling us. An event marks the boundary – but the geology prior to the event might not be preserved as the geological column is not continuous (in spite of what you might have assumed). In non event situations geology is not preserved just as it is not being preserved in the stable climate of the modern world – unless there is an event of some kind (small or large). It makes sense for flowering plants to have evolved in the wake of the other biological changes in early Jurassic. The findings are published in the online journal eLife (December 2018) and involve fossilised flowering plants from NE China.

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