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Nuclear Fusion

23 December 2018
Climate change

At https://humanprogress.org/article.php?p=1236 … Nick Ridley on nuclear fusion, a favourite subject of Tony Haynes. We miss you Tony – and as he was fond of saying, it would bring boundless energy. It would transform the world.

At www.sciencebits.com/bundestag … Niv Shaviv describes his visit to the environmental committee of the German Bundestag. He became embroiled in a discourse with German climate scientists such as Anders Leverman. Shaviv thinks global warming is greatly exaggerated. Leverman is an alarmist. See also http://notrickszone.com/2018/12/15/climate-of-confusion-nasa-pik-scienti…

At https://crev.info/2018/12/new-utopian-vision-requires-drastic-demotion-h… … we have a Creationist opinion of the Population Bomb – worth a read. Utopia will arrive with far fewer humans on the planet – presumably all members of the Green Blob (as they are the most sanctimonious of the virtue signallers). Mind you, being self righteous was never a tribute according to most religions. It was invariably frowned upon.

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/12/20/the-heartland-greenpeace-business… .. an interesting report on Greenpeace funding and finances. It has assets in excess of $277 million, 64 per cent of it in cash or cash equivalent. They appear to exist solely to acumulate lots of money – and the activism is almost a part time affair (to keep the cash rolling in).

At www.mdpi.com/1099-4300/20/12/931/htm … which is a paper on anomaly detection in paleoclimate data records using permutation entropy. Basically, ice core anomalies – and reviving them. A reconfigure of ice cores has show anomalies can be erased – and problems dissolve as they say. What the situation ended up saying to the climate scientists is unclear. Were the anomalies a problem for them?

Finally, at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/12/02/dr-willie-soon-versus-the-climate… … astrophysicist Willie Soon chose solar science as a career and he came to believe changes in the Sun's brightness, sun spots, and energy output, even orbital change, define climate change – not co2. In brief, the Sun is the controlling factor on climate (as common sense would infer). He thinks solar change explains most of the recent warming which began in the 19th century. The shrinking of the Martian ice cap in the 1990s – and the return of that ice cap in the last few years, can be directly compared to the warming and waxing of Antartic ice caps on Earth. Only the Sun could have influenced both Earth and Mars at the same time. The IPCC, on the other hand, insist solar variability is so small they can ignore it. According to the IPCC it is co2 emissions that drive climate change. Who is the bereft party?

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