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Altai Ice Age

24 December 2018

At http://notrickszone.com/2018/12/24/the-discovery-of-tree-stumps-under-gl… … this is a really important discovery in Russia – the discovery of tree stumps dating back between 60,000 and 40,000 years ago, in the middle of the last Ice Age, 600 metres above the modern tree line in the Russian Altai Mountains. Now, what could have caused that?

No Tricks Zone is a German sceptic climate blog that posts every day, very often having trawled through the latest research, not just as far as climate science is concerned, but science in general. The blog concentrates on the supposition that co2 levels were a lot different in the Ice Ages, and misses the point the discovery proves the last Ice Age was not universally cold for 100,000 years, as taught by consensus science. Summer temperatures in the Altai were over 2 degrees celsius warmer than they are in the modern world. Either that or the geoid of the earth has changed in the meantime.

In addition, tree stumps from the Ealry Holocene period were found 350m above the modern tree line – also indicating warmer temperatures prevailed. This was at the same time the Sahara was green and well watered – but what about the nearby (to the Altai) Gobi desert – was that also green. If so where were the deserts situated – and if there were no deserts. why? 

We may also wonder how or why the trees had been buried 40,000 years ago – and why something similar had also occurred 8000 years ago.

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