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Magnetic Poles

19 January 2019

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/01/13/what-are-the-implications-for-cli… … an interesting point made by climate scientist Tim Ball – what are the implications from climate of recent north magnetic pole activity?. It is wandering from Canada into Siberia. He begins by saying recent hype is another case of saying a normal event is abnormal. The magnetic pole is always moving. He says the Elizabethans knew a surprising amount about magnetism – pointing a finger at William Gilbert's 1600AD work, 'De Magnete' and Sam Baulf's 'The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake'.

Tim Ball then moves on to the aurora and the magnetosphere, saying it is high time more money was used to investigate how the solar wind affects climate on Earth rather than pouring so much money into co2 based research. Lots of comments to wade through.

See also http://spaceweather.com (17th January 2019) … compass needles don't really point north/ The magnetic pole is displaced hundreds of miles from true north (pole) and it wanders unpredictabley from year to year.


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