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Hayabusa 2

23 February 2019

At https://phys.org/print470023462.html … the Japanese probe Hayabusa 2 has landed on the Ryuga asteroid and is in the process of collecting samples. The material is thought to contain large amounts of organic matter and water from the early solar system …


At https://phys.org/print470041712.html … a jet of material is released from the merger of two neutron stars – captured on a global telescope array. Two neutron stars were observed colliding and this is thought to have produced gravitational waves (mainstream theory). Neutron stars are ultra dense, it is thought (theorised). Astronomers had their eyes glued to telescopes around the world. Two hundred days later radio telescopes picked up a jet emerging from the collision – the analysis is published in the journal Science (February 2019). This is thought to be the gravitational wave – expected to exist. What else could it be?

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