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Holocene Warmth

14 April 2019
Climate change

At www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/04/190411101735.htm … driving a wedge into historic gaps in climate science. In this instance, Hokkaidu University in Japan has found the Beaufort Sea, on the margin of the Arctic Ocean, was not completely frozen over during the late Ice Age (the warm period prior to the Younger Dryas event). They used ice wedges from the Alaskan permafrost as evidence.

Permafrost is frozen ground under the tundra of high northern latitudes – including Alaska and Siberia. It contains massive wedges of ice that form when meltwater freezes in underground cracks.

Over at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/04/12/inconvenient-stumps/ … AGW proponents, and believers in the faith of imminent eco-suicide, like to berate people with the message it has never been warmer – even though there are plenty of records from thermometers which show it was warmer in the 1930s. The idea of course is to demonise fossil fuels, the driver of modern civilisation. It is all somewhat akin to the strategies of Pol Pot when he became the revolutionary leader of Cambodia. Lots of people dying from lack of infrastructure and food. The problem for them is that Nature does not play ball with upside down thinking. Below is a photograph of the tree stump of a White Spruce tree that was C14 dated 5000 years ago. It was located 100km north of the current tree line in NW Canada – and 100km is a long way as far as climate science is concerned. If trees in the modern so called warming period were growing 100km north of the modern tree line the AGW crowd would be having an orgasm in delight. Pity – this tree was growing prior to 3000BC. There was no fossil fuels being burnt at that point in human history. Early farmers had log fires and Palaeolithic people had camp fires which they poked with sticks to watch the embers crackle and sparkle. Nothing of course on the scale of the modern wood chip power stations that politicos have imposed illogically on the National Grid. Just a few million people dotted around the globe. Far from the billions of people existing in the modern world.

   … The post at the link says, if climate was this warm just a few thousand years ago how could this have occurred. No power stations or cooling towers, and no plastic factories or plastic cased mobile phones. The tree stump was found in the Mackenzie River Valley and may be compared to other oddities of the period. The so called Mid Holocene Warm Period came to an end at around 3000BC – but what might have caused it, a mystery that climate science has no explanation.

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