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Insects and Bird Mincers

5 May 2019
Climate change

At https://notrickszone.com/2019/05/03/new-study-finds-that-wind-turbines-c… …. it seems that not only do wind turbine rotor blades kill hundreds of birds and bats in their thousands upon thousands it is now being admitted they may have a devastating impact on migrating flying insect populations, killing not just millions but in Germany alone some 1200 billion of them (or in polite terminology, 1.2 trillion of them). Now, that would be something worth while for climate change hysterical people to demonstrate about as flying insects pollinate our food crops – but don't hold your breath. Wind trubines are good but coal is bad. Bad bad bad.

It seems that flying insects migrate and many of them are found splattered on rotor blades, and it is thought they reduce the efficiency of them, the only reason this has hit daylight. The existence of billions of dead insects on rotor blades would have continued to be ignored if the search for making wind turbines produce a more economic output of electricty had not kicked in and led to this study. Unintended consequences you might say. Large swarms of insects seek out high and fast air currents where they are carried by the wind to distant breeding grounds. Observations and measurements around the world have shown they use altitudes between 20 and 220m above the surface – the very same altitudes in which the bird mincer rotor blades operate. Now, we have all heard of swarms of locusts blackening the sky in hotter climes but annual migrations of butterflies and ladybirds, for example, are not so swarmy but just as real, and bring many of these across the North Sea to Britain (and therefore cross the now known hazard of all those wind farms in northern Germany, even out to sea). Next time someone asks you where have all the ladybirds gone you can tell them, the climate change fanatics have killed them off and the renewable industry (funded by you and me via our taxes) is making lots of money out of dead animals and insects, all for the sake of saving the world. Will there be anything left in the natural world worth saving if we allow these clowns to carry on.

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