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A Big Crocodile

15 May 2019

The story comes from https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com/2019/05/remains-of-rare-preh… … the remains of a prehistoric crocodile, known as a Thoracosauros, has been found inside a block of chalk. This was a marine, or sea swimming crocodile, able to forage at the edge of the oceans. One may wonder how the remains of a crocodile ended up encased in chalk if chalk was down down over 60 to 90 million years and more, by the accumulation of the shells of ocean algae on the sea bed. One would have thought it demanded at least a more rapid laying down of coccoliths than uniformitarianism allows but I suspect the reply would be that the bones became mixed up with bottom sediments that later became 'pristine white' chalk geology. On the other hand, in a catastrophic scenario one can envisage an alternative entombment.

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