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Jupiter and the Eyes of the Storm

20 May 2019

There are a couple of interesting posts at Thunderbolts – go to www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2019/05/05/the-eye-of-the-storm-part-2/ … Jupiter is our largest neighbour and generates the largest electro-magnetic field in the solar system – apart from the Sun. It has a thick and turbulent atmosphere with swirling storms producing winds of supersonic speed and lightning arcs that are stupendously big in comparison to those on Earth. Jupiter also has contra flowing bands of wind – and the great red spot. Electric winds occur when an electric field potential exists that motivates ionic species in the air to move. Positive ionic species are drawn in one direction and magnetic ions and free electrons are drawn in the opposite direction, as dictated by the polarity of the electric field etc.

   … while at www.thunderbolts.info.wp/2019/05/10/star-power/ … makes an interesting observation. Massive stars might not be so massive. The intense radiation that is interpreted as an 'atmosphere blowing away' may be due to stellar lightning.


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