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9 June 2019
Climate change

At https://rclutz.wordpress.com/2017/05/17/the-curious-case-of-dr-miskolczi/ … Dr Ferenc Mark Miskolczi was an astrophysicist working for NASA. Part of his job was to analyse radiosonde data and his curiosity led him to find an empirical observation. He published and continues to stand by his findings. However, they did not go down very well with climate scientists (or the bigwigs at NASA). Sceptics were not too impressed either and the major problem is that his writings are very dense and full of mathematics. That is enough to make peoples eyes glaze over and it is probable that not many people actually understood what he was saying – and many others never got past the first page. His paper, 'The Greenhouse Effect and the Spectral Decomposition of the Clear Sky Terrestrial Radiation' was eventually published in the Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service. Various wavelengths of solar EM radiation penetrate Earth's atmosphere to various depths. However, all of the high energy X-rays and most of the UV is filtered long before it reaches the ground. Much of the infrared radiation is also absorbed by the atmosphere for above our heads. In contrast, most radio waves do make it to the surface – and a narrow window of IR, UV and visible light frequencies.

His NASA colleague and boss Martin Mlynczak thought it an important paper in a technical kind of way. However, when Miskolczi elaborated on his finding to the group at NASA they finally understood what he had in mind – and set out to prevent publication in the US. In this, they succeeded, which is why the research ended up in a Hungarian journal in his native country. In the mean time Miskolczi, annoyed at his treatment and unwilling to retract his research, ditched his well paid job and NASA and went elsewhere. The political climate at the time did not favour his tenure at NASA as the world was not ready for empirical research. Modelling of climate prevails.

As a footnote it is worth mentioning that Robin Pittwood has recently done an analysis confirming that recent global warming has been matched by increasing outgoing long wave radiation (more or less as Miscolczi said). In other words, the equilibrium point has remained stable. Or to put it another way the earth system is self regulating.

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