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Island Arc Earthquakes

20 June 2019

At https://phys.org/news/2019-06-earthquake-swarms-reveal-piece-tectonic.html …. earthquake swarms are said to reveal mssing piece of tectonic plate volcano puzzle. Deep under the ocean, we are told, a sinking tectonic plate causes a swarm of earthquakes feeding molten lava into newly forming volcanoes. Researchers say they have found two swarms of earthquakes when researching the Mariana and Izo Bomin arc system in the Pacific Ocean. They plotted on a map where such earthquakes swarms should be and found they defined a pipe like structure thorugh which molten rock may travel – rising from what is assumed to be a sinking tectonic plate …

   … it is a basic tenet of Plate Tectonics theory that island arcs (or rings of volcanoes) mark subduction zones (and this study is said to confirm and support that idea). Interestingly, the lead author compares the process to fracking for oil and gas, outlining how this is done (cracking the rock to allow the oil to seep upwards) by saying the tectonic plate subducting carries water (from the ocean) deep under ground, as deep as 200km down in the belly of the earth. As it moves down the water gets hotter and hotter and creates pressure that rises, driving water out of the subducted plate. The water is said to be what causes the rock to melt – and this causes the earthquakes. A study to substantiate a mainstream mantra – but could there be an alternative explanation for earthquake swarms. Let me know.

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