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Success! We Have …

12 August 2019
Climate change

Success! We have just decarbonised a large part of Britain's national grid. This was a comment at https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2019/08/09/black-friday-did-wind-farm-fa… … the electricity blackout last week came as wind speeds increased to gale force in some places, becoming so strong they seem to have tripped a large offshore wind farm to shut down – and its back up gas generated power station was on idling mode and unable to instantly supply the necessary power. Indeed, the gas plant seems also to have failed in some manner. It seems various parties are  trying to cloak the true cause of the blackout and sources such as the Guardian even claim the gas plant went out of action prior to the wind farm (although it is possible this is simply a logging issue of when the shut down commenced). In other words, obfuscation currently rules and it will be weeks before any clarification appears in the media.

A similar situation occurred in the state of South Australia back in 2016 (how time flies). According to www.thegwpf.com/australias-energy-regulator-sues-four-wind-farm-operator… … where the intention is to seek redress from the wind operators involved in the blackout (better late than never I suppose).

At the same site we have a tongue in cheek post with a title saying our English summer has failed once again – go to www.thegwpf.com/english-summer-failing-to-meet-alarmist-expectations/ … but quite why an English summer rather than a British summer is something of a mystery (unless the Scots and Irish have a miserable time of it when the English are getting red skin in the sunshine). Presumably this should include Wales, Scotland, Ireland and most of northern Europe as wet and rainy weather is as common this summer as drought and unrelenting sunshine was last year. In fact, whoever wrote the post at the link reckons this July (in spite of a week of very hot weather as trumpeted mercilessly and repeatedly by the BBC for almost all of July) turned out to be 45th warmest since 1660 (about the same as 1847 and 1923 when global warming was not even on the horizon). It was actually 1.3C cooler than July of 1783. Taking both June and July into consideration the situation is even worse. It is the 82nd warmest  and August is looking even worse. Time for some massaging of the data lads. You're slacking. The hottest year, unremarkably, was 1976 (a hot and very dry summer) followed by 2006 (I had so many tomatoes growing outside I was giving away box fulls of them) and 1826.

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