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Jupiter Collision

17 August 2019

I can't keep up with the stories coming out of late about collisions within the solar system. Although Velikovsky's book had the title, Worlds in Collision, it was at the publisher's suggestion. Velikovsky did not actually envisage a collision. What he suggested was a close shave – a large cosmic object passing close to the Earth. The new story about colliding planets (this one involving Jupiter) suitably has an origin at the web site of www.newscientist.com/article/2213521-a-massive-collision-may-have-made-j… .. which involves a massive collision by a rogue planet with Jupiter – but suitable relegated to the early solar system (messing about with the recent solar system is seen as out of bounds). The key word is could have rather than did have. Jupiter's core, we are told, is not at all like it was forecast to be and rather than simply accept the reality of that they feel a need to explain why their mainstream version of events has proven to be a poor theory and has had to be abandoned. The collision stirred up the core and accounts for the new findings by the Juno Mission. The link was sent in by Gary.

At https://phys.org/news/2019-08-total-annihilation-supermassive-stars.html … a new kind of supernova that can utterly annihilate its parent star – leaving no trace or remnant left behind. Did it really happen? Apparently, astronomrs claim they observed the explosion – or thought what they were seeing was an explosion of a star (which is what an electric universe adherent may say). On the other hand it may have been a different kind of star – a different make-up chemically perhaps, and this is what the slant to the story involves. Make up your own mind.

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