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Coopers Ferry

3 September 2019

Excavations at Coopers Ferry in western Idahoe suggest people were living in that area 16,000 years ago. The arrival time continues to be pushed backwards . See https://phys.org/news/2019-08-artifacts-people-north-america-earlier.html

Over at https://notrickszone.com/2019/08/26/a-1000-year-old-forest-buried-under-… … during the Little Ice Age, or the roughly dated period, 13th to 18th century AD, glaciers advanced all around the world – even in Alaska. Ancient forest is now popping out of the Mendenhall glacier, for example, after being frozen for around 1000 years (although the numbers do not seem to add up but never mind, this is what we are told). Intact and even upright trees (or what seem to be their broken trunks) have been uncovered. Not only has the ice melted but nearby it seems sea levels have actually gone down (rather than upwards) in recent years. What a strange world we live in.


At https://phys.org/news/2019-08-ancient-die-off-greater-dinosaur-extinctio… … where it seems we have evidence from Canadian rocks of a great loss of life in what is being caused an extinction event. However, it only affected miniscule micro-organisms. The time it took place is thought to precede complex life forms – so there is a lack of actual fossils. Instead, minerals replace the fossils – and represent the clue. The mineral barite is involved. As such, these minerals are said to show big changes in the biosphere, 2 billion years ago. Change in atmospheric oxygen levels are being blamed – but the cause is subject to speculation.

Lastly, at https://notrickszone.com/2019/09/03/medieval-warmth-was global-confirmed-by-over-1200-publications-at-google-maps/ … Google won't like this story as they have set themselves up as part and parcel of the enviro thought police, patrolling the internet in search of nasty sceptic articles and blogs. Global warming is sacrosanct on Google. Sceptic articles and blogs are delivered to your computer or mobile phone way down the list. However, ion spite of that we have 1200 publications which show quite clearly the Medieval Warm Period was a global phenomenon – as of course it would be if the Sun played a role.

    … the scientific studies were compile by Dr Sebastian Luning and presented on Google Maps. The blog authors ends up by saying these papers are extremely inconvenient for Climate Change activists. Don't be surprised if efforts are made to make them disappear form the Google platform.

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