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The Reef

3 September 2019
Climate change

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2019/08/26/giant-pumice-raft-from-underw… … is it Armageddon? A giant raft of pumice from an undersea volcano is heading in the direction of the Great Barrier Reef. Indeed, it is being said that the pumice will not damage the reef but will cause it to prosper. This comes on the heels of a post by Jennifer Marohasy at her blog where she has recently participated in an underwater investigation of the reef and found it thriving – in the main. The information comes from a geologist rather than an activist or a climate scientist with a political agenda.

The SEPP newsletter of August 17th (www.sepp.org) gives us an update on the censorship of the solar physicist, Nir Shaviv. He granted an interview with a science journalist who then presented it to his editor. Bloomberg (whoever they are) immediately rejected it. Nir Shaviv is out of bounds it would seem. Forbes, on the other hand, actually posted the interview, which was online for a few hours – when it was pulled and replaced with a climate change fundamentalist who waffled on about zombie theories (contrary theories to climate change that had a habit of bouncing back even when he himself claims to have debunked them). Quite how somebody with a small brain is able to debunk somebody with a big brain, such as a solar physicist, is something to ponder – but in his deranged mind he had that capability.

Shaviv supports the Henrik Svensmark hypothesis and has actually co-authored a paper with Svensmark. The latter is more famous for writing a book, The Chilling Stars, with co-author Nigel Calder, a former editor of New Scientist. This concerns the role of clouds in global temperature and what  causes clouds to form. Shaviv has also shown a direct relationship between sea level changes and solar activity. Sea level rates have receded in the last few years, for example, in line with less solar activity. This compares to the 1990s and 2000s when CMEs were much more common (as outlined by Laurence Dixon in an article in SIS Review). The data used by Shaviv goes back over one hundred years. In that way he is able to ascertain a trend – solar activity affecting the temperature of the ocean surface. Warming  causes the oceans to expand = higher sea levels, and cooler weather causes it to contract = lower sea levels. In mainstream it is blamed on increasing co2 levels but in the Shaviv view it is all to do with solar activity. This is of course why his work is suppressed – or hidden from Joe Public.

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