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co2 and climate

7 September 2019
Climate change

At https://notrickszone.com/2019/09/05/new-papers-ex-noaa-climatologist-and… … two new additions to the steadily increasing evidence that co2 plays a minimal role in climate change. A former NOAA climate scientist (a meteorologist to be exact) published his article in Environmental Earth Sciences journal and detailed a lack of causal relationship between co2 concentration change and earth's temperature. Fleming theorised that the earth had warmed in the modern era as a consequence of strong solar activity during the 20th century. Fleming has also published a book which is an expanded version of his 2018 paper, 'The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change'. He concluded that co2 performed no role in the process of influencing climate. That will go down like a lead balloon. Expect some upcoming character assassination.

The other paper was published in the journal Atomic and Molecular Radiative Processes by two Russians. They argue that the injection of co2 into the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels is not important for the greenhouse effect. Again, this one will probably be ignored as the journal is only of interest to a minority and the authors are bogey men (Russians).

In contrast to these papers the Democratic party in the US is going overboard on co2 induced climate change which they seem to think is the most dangerous threat the world has ever faced, greater even than the human toll and carnage of preceding economic and military related disasters. These include the holocaust and WWII. Greater even than nuclear proliferation it would seem.

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