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Hurricanes and Solar

7 September 2019

At https://notrickszone.com/2019/09/07/surprising-parallels-found-between-s… … surprising parallels found between solar activity and hurricane development. This may not be so surprising in an electric universe scenario but it is surprising as far as mainstream thinking is concerned. The recent hurricane or category 5 storm, Dorian, showed a development parallel to a solar geomagnetic storm which lasted several days in early September. The solar wind buffeted the earth's magnetosphere between 27th August and September 4th (2019). The parallels are astonishing, we are told. It seems as if Dorian was fed by the strength of the solar storm as it developed (going up in intensity). The question arises. How can solar storms influence hurricanes way down much closer to the surface of the earth. It seems a correlation has been noticed before – but not so deliberately catalogued. Hurricane Irma and a solar storm in September of 2018 for example. See https://howtheatmosphereworks.wordpress.com/about/solar-activity-and-sur… … where we are told science in this field is in its infancy – and then sets out to show it is not (in his opinion). The influence of solar activity on the Earth's weather such as sudden atmospheric warming in the winter months is apparently recognised, leading to a violent Arctic outbreak in the mid latitudes (such as the Beast from the East). There is no reason why solar activity would not influence the formationand development of cyclones via solar storms over the stratosphere – and jet stream changes.


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