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Was Venus Once Like Earth

8 October 2019

This story is at https://phys.org/news/2019-10-venus-lava.html … it was one of those things used by climate alarmists that once upon a time Venus was once warm and wet, just like the Earth (even though Venus is somewhat nearer the Sun than we are). The story continued by saying that runaway co2 led to runaway warming and now Venus is a hell hole. Velikovsky claimed Venus was young and had not cooled down but one thing is for sure and that is Venus is very active – with lots of volcanoes and lava flows. It seems the alarmist story is twaddle as a new study of lava flow shows the surface of Venus is mostly made up of basaltic rocks – and one particular region, a highland ridge, is the result of a massive lava outpouring.

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