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Holey holey

24 October 2019
Climate change

It seems the ozone hole has shrunk to a smaller size than it has been for many a day – or at least since scientists have started to monitor it (which isn't that long ago). It can hardly be an accident that it corresponds with a quiescent period on the Sun when sun spots have been few and far between – although the occasional hole on the surface has sent some mild projectiles of solar wind (plasma) in our general direction, providing us with the odd auroral display. Basically, there has been a shortage of coronal mass injections – and what have occurred have been very mild in comparison to what was going on in the early 2000s. Last time the ozone hole shut up shop, so to speak, was solar minimum, eleven years previously. For an update on what is going on in the upper atmosphere (and the ozone component) go to https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/10/22/hole-in-the-ozone-layer-shrinks-t… … the  ozone hole is currently at its lowest size since records began (which is not very long ago by the way) and really doesn't tell us anything apart from the fact some scientists are saying it is due to the stratosphere warming – and then patting themselves on the back by saying the ban on the use of chloroflourocarbons played a role in the reduction – dreding up an old hoary chestnut that never had no substance in the first instance, and even less so as most people are aware fridge gases are highly overrated and probably have zero effect on ozone in the upper atmosphere. That is a long way upstairs for fridge gases to travel – and not only that to travel all that way and still remain potent. Even aerosols from volcanoes only have a limited time depth in the upper atmosphere – and they have lots of energy to push them upwards.

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