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Exodus Routes

17 November 2019
Ancient history

A fascinating discussion on the route of Exodus at the Eric Aitchison email thread. Anyone wanting to join in send an email to the contact address on this web site.

For example, some see a route via the so called Sea of Reeds by way of Baal Zephon near Lake Serbon. Zephon is a relatively small hump in what is a generally flat landscape, which is supposed to represent Mount Amanus in Syria (a really big mountain). At some point immigrants from the Levant brought the cult of Baal Zephon into Egypt. However, it may be that Baal Zephon was not located on the northern route at all – and this is an assumption that has become, over the years, established as a fact (as these sometimes do). This may also tie in with the other idea being explored – an Exodus route due east of Tell ed-Dab'a/Qantir (Avaris/Pi-ramesse). The thinking here is that the landscape has dried out significantly since the event took place and at one stage the Suez arm of the Red Sea once stretched further north than today, virtually as far as Lake Timsah. You may need to consult a good map.

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